One-on-one harassment training and support

Magnifying glass image, presented by BizLife Solutions, a leading provider of Bill 132 training, including a summary of the Bill 132 legislation, bullying consulting and training and workplace harassment consulting.

Managers & business owners - Poor management of bullying, harassment or violence in the workplace can make a bad situation much worse.  Make sure you are ready to effectively manage any situation by getting the necessary coaching from the specialized mental health professionals that make up the consulting team at BizLife Solution. They are all at the M.A. and Doctoral level and bring to their work years of successful clinical practice and extensive business experience.

People with negative management styles - Aggressive, micro-managing and passive aggressive leadership styles can have a negative impact on employees, an employee team or an entire organization. However, with the right coaching and training, delivered through the Leading with Respect Program available exclusively from BizLife Solutions, an individual with a negative leadership can be turned into an effective manager who leads with respect. Often, the best candidates are top performers. The Leading with Respect Program has three key components:

  • "Leading with Respect" confidential online 360 assessment

  • Eight-part online educational and transformative learning modules

  • Individual Coaching

Harassment investigators - Ensure the investigation of a harassment incident is handled properly by bringing in the investigators at BizLife Solutions.  They have the special training and experience required to complete an investigation while staying within the limitations established by harassment legislation and legal limitations.

Victims support - Dr. Stephanie Bot and Associates offers psychological services for individuals who have experienced harassment, bullying or other traumas and require more in-depth treatment for recovery.