Discover why BizLife Solutions is the one-stop source for online training of everyone involved in a harassment incident

Logo of the Heart Program, an acronym for Harassment Education Advisory Response Team, available exclusively from BizLife Solutions, a trusted provider of training employers need to be compliant with Bill 132, legislation passed to help prevent harassment in the workplace.

Incidents involving bullying, harassment and violence don't just hurt the victim. They also impact your bottom line be reducing productivity, increasing stress leave and making it more difficult to maintain employee retention and engagement.

It is also important to remember that a single incident could involve not only the harasser and the victim, but also witnesses and managers. All will require different support and training.  Make sure they get it by taking advantage of the five online training programs available exclusively form BizLife Solutions.

Bullied and Harassed: A Handbook for Recovery

In this unique online seminar and accompanying workbook, Dr. Stephanie Bot helps victims of harassment and bullying navigate their emotions and overcome the adversity that was, or still is, facing them.  Learn more.

Dealing with Difficult People

Business person with a pointing finger, an example of the aggressive management style addressed by Bizlife Solutions, a trusted provider of training to achieve compliance with Bill 132, including a summary and update of the bill 132 legislation.

We all encounter difficult people at some point in our personal and professional lives. Dealing with them effectively means learning to manage ourselves, our communication and our understanding of what's really going on with that difficult person. In this three-part series Dr. Stephanie Bot provides insight, tools and techniques to more effectively deal with difficult people. Learn more.

Assertive Communication Skills

Aggressive, Passive Aggressive and Passive Communication styles create interpersonal challenges.  Donna Marshall, M.A., Counselling Psychology, helps you understand how to respond effectively by communicating in a respectful, assertive manner. A proven strategy that will help enhance your confidence and increase your ability to effectively advocate for yourself.  Learn more.

Self-Defense Training

Through a live participatory training session or online through demonstrations, employees learn practical verbal and physical techniques for defending against harassment and violence.  Learn more.

In-depth treatment

Dr. Stephanie Bot and Associates offers psychological services for individuals who have experienced harassment, bullying or other traumas and require more in depth treatment for recovery. Learn more.