As an Employer you need to be sure your workforce is compliant with Bill 132 legislation now. 

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There are 3 requirements to Bill 132 Compliance.

1. Updated Policy

2. Written Program

3. Employee Training

We have all three. Bill 132 training by Bizlife Solutions is your best option to comply with the new legislation. 

Employee/Supervisor Training

BizLife has a one-stop solution that gives you two training modules – one for employees, the other for supervisors.

  • 30 minute e-learning modules for employees and supervisors

  • Easy access

  • Exceeds Canadian standard for compliance

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Quiz to insure adoption and retention of information

You also need a "Written Program,"  that has templates for updating your policies as well as measures for conducting investigations. 

The entire package represents the culmination of over two decades of psychological study, expertise and in-the-field experience in over 1000 workplaces. No other program meets all the requirements of Bill 132 while also incorporating workplace best practices, psychological principles and paradigms, legal consultation and health and safety standards.