The HEART Program needs to be in every workplace.
— Tom Beegan, Former Chief Prevention Officer, WSIB
The HEART Program is endorsed by the Ontario Psychological Association (OPA) as the GOLD standard and most comprehensive and psychologically sound approach to managing and preventing workplace incidents of violence and harassment.
— The Ontario Psychological Association
The HEART Program sets a standard for best practices in dealing with workplace harassment. It is practical in its application and inspires a workplace culture of respect.
— Vivian Prokop, President & Former CEO, Pathways to Education Top 100 Women in Canada, WXN
Even though the OHSA only required that we demonstrate compliance in our Ontario workplaces, we adopted HEART as the standard across our entire organization and have trained HEART teams across Canada,creating a higher respect from our employees as the organization had shown commitment to a safe and respectful workplace through HEART
— Ruth Estwick, Human Resources and Operations Manager, Metro News
Our legal firm used the HEART Program to educate and train our staff and to develop policies when Bill 168 came into effect. This is a great program and we highly recommend it as a very reliable and comprehensive resource to assist with everything required to ensure compliance with the legislation.
— Carol Allak-Sampson, Office Manager, Solmon, Rothbart, Goodman, LLP
We selected HEART as our program of choice for instilling a spirit of respect into MDC and our Ontario agency partners as the most comprehensive and robust response to violence and harassment in the workplace. Our agencies have reported that these training programs prevented incidents of harassment that may have escalated into more serious concerns had we not received HEART and employee training.
— Ashleigh Butson, Director, Human Resources, MDC Partners
The HEART Program is outstanding. Because of HEART, our employees feel safe, and are more engaged and committed. HEART has improved employee performance and impacted our bottom line.
— Murray Kane, VP Human Resources, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto
The HEART Program offered us a “one stop shop” solution. Now we comply with Ontario legislation that creates a culture of respect in our workplace.
— David Friedman CEO, Chestnut Hill Homes