The foundation of the HEART Program is the HEART Program Manual.

The Heart Program Manual equips workplaces with the written program, required by legislation, to manage and respond to incidents of harassment in the workplace. What you will find in your HEART Program Manual:

  • Legislation information and interpretation of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA): Violence and Harassment in the Workplace (including Bill 132)

  • Presented in an organized, visually pleasing format

  • Templates of required policies that can be customized to your company’s needs

  • Step by step procedures and processes including relevant forms, provided in a fillable format

  • Helpful handouts for both victim and accused

  • Confidential reporting protocols

  • Investigation processes and forms for conducting a thorough psychologically safe and legally sound investigation

  • Processes for decision making and recommendations

  • Indicators of when you may need to contact other professional resources such as the Ministry of Labour, independent investigators, legal counsel, etc.

  • Guidelines to creating Prevention Programs to foster a culture of psychological safety and respect

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